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2 Great Ways to Manage After-Hours Calls at Your Office

Do you know how to manage after-hours calls at your office? We are here to help you manage your after-hours calls more effectively. We want your office to be organized and well managed, while satisfying your clients and customers. Most companies will use a traditional telephone answering service or a professional after-hours call center. We are here to tell you the advantages of both methods, to help you see what will work best for you and your company!

Professional After-hours Call Centers

The advantage of a Professional After-hours Call Center is having a professional readily available to meet your clients or customers’ specific needs. With a professional caller, calls can be screened with prepared protocols for advice and assistance. Also, a professional caller can document telephoned contacts for you to be continually useful for company improvements in services and practices or for legal purposes. People prefer human resource services versus automated services.


Traditional Telephone Answering Services

Sometimes, Traditional phone answering services can be more cost-effective than Professional After-hours Call Centers. However, clients and customers might see the call system as too impersonal or inconsistent with the practice style of your company.


No matter if you use a professional after-hours call center or a traditional telephone answering service, you should obtain basic information about the service you want to use for your business. Your reputation will depend on how your company call center or answering services are perceived by clients or customers. You can obtain a list of recommended providers from local professionals or affiliates from colleagues.


Before you contact your prospective service, document policies that list your office hours and location. Notify your prospective of the normal sign-in and sign out times of staff. Make a list of your companies concerns and how these concerns should be managed by the service. Leave this on file for the service you choose to provide your after-hours calls communication services.


Make sure the service or center can fax you a copy of every telephone encounter to the office, just in case follow-up calls are needed. Make sure you make the service or center sign an agreement of confidentiality. Construct contingency plans in the event of computer or telephone failure. Project monthly charges by documenting the usual call volume of your business.

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