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5 Customer Service Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Customer Service Mistakes

These common customer service mistakes can significantly impact your business – don’t make them!

Customer service is the thing that makes or breaks many companies, whether they’ve been around for five months or five years. The right customer service should leave your client feeling understood, satisfied, and pleased with your company. Customer service mistakes, on the other hand, can lead to public relations disasters and a poor bottom line. Here are five common customer service mistakes that you need to avoid making.

Ignoring Social Media

Social media is the key posting place for many young and middle-aged consumers. If you are ignoring customers who are tweeting or posting on your Facebook page, you are opening up the door for negative publicity. At the very least, take the time to acknowledge the complaint and offer your official customer support phone number and email.

Hiding Your Number

It can be tempting to hide your customer support number from callers, but that is a huge customer service mistake. If a customer needs to contact you about an issue, make the process as easy as possible. The harder that you make the process, the more upset a customer will be by the time that they finally get to speak with you.

Taking Forever

If you offer online chat instead of a call-in number, you need to ensure that you always have adequate staffing for prompt responses. If chat windows are open and started but customers only receive responses every five minutes, they will get very angry and start to seek help from elsewhere.

Using the Wrong Call Center

Always choose a call center with properly trained customer-focused call representatives, like TeleRep. If you have great response times but rude or off-putting customer service agents, customers will still leave unsatisfied. Many times, businesses looking to cut costs will make this customer service mistake.

Putting Customers on Hold

Nobody likes hearing hold music, so don’t let your customers ever experience it! Don’t leave people waiting behind and feeling unheard. The longer your customers wait, the more upset they will be.

Domestic Call Centers from TeleRep

TeleRep knows how important live chat and call center services are to your business. We are well known for our professionalism and excellent customer service when dealing with your valued customers. Let your customers know you care, right now, with live chat services. To learn how TeleRep can help set your business apart, contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-638-2000. To see more examples of what we’ve done, follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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