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5 Professional Phone Etiquette Tips

It can be tricky to remain professional over the phone because the caller can only hear your voice!

When you are working for a call center or answering service, it is important that you remain professional even though you aren’t face to face with customers and clients. It’s not always easy to portray professionalism over the phone because all the person hears is your voice. Here are five professional phone etiquette tips to make your job easier.

Welcome the Caller

The first thing you should do when trying to maintain professional phone etiquette is welcome them. This means that you introduce both the company name and your name as well so that the person knows they’ve called the right place as well as who they are speaking with. You also want to end your introduction with a question such as “How may I help you?” or “What can I do for you today?”. 

Speak Clearly

It is important that the person on the other end of the call understands everything that you are saying. You want to speak clearly and pleasantly the entire time you are on the phone. You want to avoid talking to fast because people may feel like you are rushing them off of the phone. Keep a slower, steady pace and be sure to enunciate all of your words to enhance your professional phone etiquette.

Remember their Name

Once you learn the callers name, be sure to remember it throughout the call. This makes the call more personable and also makes the caller feel as though you are listening and being attentive. If they don’t give their name, don’t hesitate to ask in the beginning of the call because it will likely make them feel as though you care more about them and their needs.

Putting them on Hold

You want to avoid putting callers on hold at all costs. However, sometimes there may be a caller on the other line or a colleague may need something important. In this case, you want to always ask permission before placing someone on hold because simply saying “hold on” in the middle of a conversation can come off as rude.

Confirm all Information

When the call comes to an end, you want to confirm that all the contact information they provided you and the purpose of the conversation are re-stated. This allows the caller to know that you listened throughout the call and are planning on dealing with any unresolved issues that they may have.

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