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Are Live Answering Services Beneficial?

Call-CenterAs your small business begins to grow, you may begin to notice an increase in phone calls. As these phone calls increase in frequency and volume, your staff members may start to feel overcome. One of the ways to help remedy the stress of the calls is to hire live answering services for your business. However, some business owners may believe that live answering services are unnecessary.

Live answering services provide your business with several benefits:

Customer Satisfaction

Customers and clients tend to become frustrated and angered when they are unable to get in touch with your staff. If they have important questions, they don’t want to be greeted with a recording. They will also become discouraged if they call your number on more than one occasion and hear a busy signal. With live answering services, your clients will no longer become stressed and frustrated by busy tones and automated messages. Even if your staff is unable to take the call, having a person to speak with instead of a machine will help with client retention and customer satisfaction.

Accurate Records

Without live answering services, incoming phone calls from clients and customers could be easily missed. If your staff is becoming overwhelmed with the amount of calls to handle, calls could go unreturned, which could lead to loss of business. Live answering services ensure that calls are answered and recorded accurately so they can be returned. If the calls occur after hours, live answering services will be able to transfer the calls to the appropriate voicemail to help even the loaf of messages.

Open Lines

When staff members become bogged down with calls, the phone lines to your business could become busy. This means that when new or current clients try to call, they only hear a busy signal. Busy signals give the impression that your business is unable to handle your clients, which could lead to clients or customers leaving your business.


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