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Call Center Metrics to Keep In Mind

call center metrics

In order to provide the best service possible, keep these call center metrics in mind.

We truly do live in the age of information overload, which can make cutting through the wealth of data to get at what actually matters seem almost impossible. Effective call centers have learned to keep on top of the call center metrics that matter in order to cut through everything extra and do the best job possible. Below you will find some key call center metrics to help you narrow your focus and improve service.  

First-Call Resolution  

Recent studies have suggested that first call resolution has an unprecedented impact on customer service. In fact, for every 1% improvement in first-call resolution, a direct 1% improvement in customer satisfaction occurs. This offers numerous other benefits as well, such as lower operating costs, reduced revenue at risk and higher employee satisfaction.

Service Level And Response Time

These classic call center metrics are fundamental to the effective management of your contact center and your customer’s experience. These tell you exactly how accessible your call center is to your customers. It lets you know how many agents you require in order to provide optimum service and how your call center compares to others in the industry.

Adherence To Schedule

This measures directly how much time during an agent’s shift they are logged in and able to handle contacts and perform other aspects of their job. Most centers choose to follow an adherence objective around the 85% to 90% range. Agents are expected to handle roughly 54 minutes of calls and other duties per hour. These can include making necessary outbound calls, waiting for calls to arrive, and time spent in after-call work.

Forecasting Accuracy

This is one of the most important metrics to pay attention to when considering call center metrics. It can be succinctly described as contact load vs actual contact load. It represents the percent variance between the number of inbound customer contacts which are expected for a particular period of time and the number of contacts which occur in reality. Underestimating leads to understaffing which leads to unhappy customers who are being served by stressed and unhappy agents who burn out quickly. Overstaffing, however, leads to waste and workers with nothing to do.

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