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How To Be Professional On The Phone

How To Be Professional On The Phone

Sounding professional is a key to success.

Professionalism is a skill that you can (and should) develop. In the business world, to grow your personal brand or to be a good employee, you have to articulate yourself in a professional manner. If you don’t speak with a tone that resonates with people, then you may find it difficult to achieve success in any field. It’s not tough to “sound professional,” because at a minimum it means having confidence in what you say, and understanding how to say it. There’s plenty more than just speaking with confidence though, and it’ll help you develop a personal style.

Take A Breath And Relax

Talking is hard, especially when you’re communicating with people you don’t know. It’s even harder when you overthink it and start unnecessarily start speeding up. A key to sounding professional is actually by slowing down. Slowing down your thought process, decision-making, and how you speak. It makes you seem and feel composed, versus presenting yourself as erratic. This doesn’t mean talk at a boring pace that comes off like someone asking “Bueller?” It just means to relax with your thoughts, phrasing and actions.

Don’t Fill Air With Filler Words

“Hi, thanks for um, calling today, like, how can I help you?”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound great, does it? Filler words make you sound unorganized. It’s basically the equivalent to driving a car when you forget to take off the emergency brake. You can still get from point A to point B, but it’s going to be slow, ineffective, and you’re probably going to have some irritated passengers. With filler words your message will be received, but it won’t be impactful. Instead, more time is going to be spent deciphering what you just said. This concept also relates to the idea of pausing. It’s okay to take a pause if you’re trying to take a couple seconds to gather your thoughts.

Listening Is Crucial

At a call center, you’ll most likely have a script to follow. Things don’t always go according to script, however, and you need to make sure you’re practicing attentive listening. Asking questions is great in a back and forth call, but asking the right questions is important. Knowing what to ask comes from noticing detail in conversation, and it’ll help you develop a stronger relationship with the caller.

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