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Nationwide Answering Service & Call Center Since 1976

Internet Response Available - Text/Chat/Email

Talking Tech To Your Customers

Today’s technology allows customers to interact with your business in a variety of ways, but they require a person to generate the answer – TeleRep’s employees make sure your customers get the right answer, any time of the day or night.

Depending upon the mode of communication you choose – email, text, live chat – we can supply knowledgeable, trained personnel to answer questions, alert your team in case of emergency, or advance a question or problem further up your communication ladder.

However we respond, you’ll receive a copy of the communication so you can gather critical information. We’re able to add the information to a database that’s easily accessible.

TeleRep’s integrated communication model gives your customers immediate response, and a positive impression of your business and brand.

We’re ready to talk tech for you, call us to start at 800-638-2000.

Immediate response yields satisfied customers – TeleRep can talk tech!

Have questions? We have answers.

Contact TeleRep today so we can help your business with its answering service or call center needs.

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