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4 Tricks to Improve Your Call Center Performance


Give your call center performance a boost with these improvement tricks.

Is your call center performance feeling a little lackluster lately? It might be the winter blues dragging everyone down, or it might just be that your call center hasn’t been optimized for efficiency and productivity. Well the winter blues will be gone before terribly long, but until then, we’ve compiled a list of a few tricks that might boost your customer service and your call center performance.

Give Power to Your Agents

When your agents are forced to follow a script or a predetermined course of action, they can feel like they’re just unimportant drones going through the motions of customer service. Giving your agents the power to make decisions and help customers when they’re able to do so can make them feel more empowered and more engaged in their work. If they feel important and valuable, their morale will skyrocket, with your call center performance soaring right along with it.

Gamify Your Stats

“Gamification” is a trend that has been milling around the call center industry recently. Turning your agents’ stats into a game in which they can compete against themselves and for a common goal has been proven to have positive effects on call center performance and customer service. Displaying real-time stats in a common location will bring out your agents’ natural desire to compete and improve their work.

Share Success Stories

In a book titled “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success,” Wharton management professor Dr. Adam Grant explains a study in which agents were introduced to a person who explained the positive impact that they had made on his life. After learning of their impact, the agents increased their call time bt 142% and their fundraising efforts by 171%. Success is a huge motivator, so use it to your advantage by sharing customer service success stories.

Replace the Hold Music with a Call-Back

Last week we wrote about the horrors of putting customers on hold. Replacing hold time with an offer to call back later can be hugely beneficial to your agents and the customers you call. This improved experience for the caller leaves them happier with their experience, which in turn leaves them in a better mood for when they’re on the phone with your agents.

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