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What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual-ReceptionistSmall businesses are constantly looking for ways to help improve their business. One way to make an improvement to your small business is to consider hiring a virtual receptionist. While the term may seem complicated, the actual reality is really quite simple and extremely effective.

A virtual receptionist is simply a receptionist who isn’t present in your place of business. The virtual receptionist is usually hired through a professional call center or professional answering service and then outsourced to small businesses. The idea behind the virtual receptionist is to eliminate the stress of answering every phone call from your team members. A virtual receptionist will answer the call; find out the customer’s needs, and then answer the question or transfer the call if needed. A virtual receptionist is able to be the buffer for team members instead of an automated message or voicemail. A virtual receptionist will help make customers feel important and appreciated because they are speaking to a human rather than a recording.

TeleRep hires and trains our virtual receptionists to be able to handle a number of different business calls so you don’t have to. Whether you work in a law office, medical office, or retail building, we have a virtual receptionist to suite your needs.  Your virtual receptionist will gain an understanding of the business you conduct and what type of phone calls they will be faced with. This allows them to personalize their responses and give your customers the attention they deserve, while your team is free to focus on the more intimate details of

At TeleRep, we understand how important incoming after hour phone calls are to your business. That is why we pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service training when answering every business call. Stop making your customers feel underappreciated with voicemail services; instead, let them know you care through TeleRep and hire a virtual receptionist today.

Learn about TeleRep and our overall live operator services today. We want to help your business excel.
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