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Data Entry Tips

Data-EntryWhen your small business works to collect data from your client base, your team is then faced with a bevy of information. It is essential for this data to be documented accurately for both your business and your customer. Should the information be documented inaccurately, your business may gain a skewed outlook of their client base, which could lead to poor business decisions. When a small business hires a call center to help with data entry, they trust these virtual receptionists to accurately document and enter the data collected. Here are some pieces of information that can be collected and entered during data entry and how they should be handled.

  1. Names- One of the most important pieces of information that a company will collect is the name of your client or customer. A name can potentially be composed of five different portions. The three commonly used portions are the first, middle, and last names. Some can also include a prefix and a suffix, but not always. When documenting the information, it is usually helpful to go by the prefix, first name, middle name or initial, last name, and then suffix. Each name should also be separated by at least one space.
  2. Address- The address of your potential or current client or customer is also vital for your records. When you enter the address, you can always use the standards of the US Postal Service as a guide. There you will find how different address styles should be entered and saved. The zip code, state, and city portions of the address should always be entered in separate fields to help with organization.
  3. Company- In some cases, the company name of your customer or client is collected as well. Be aware that company titles should never include a period or comma.


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