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The KPI Statistics To Know

The KPI Statistics To Know

By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), you can easily gauge how effective the call center has been and if it needs improvement.

Call centers are a great way to make your business more effective. When you invest in a call center, it’s important to measure how successful it is, and if it’s been worthy of the cost. By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), you can easily gauge how effective the call center has been and if it needs improvement. You’re always going to find areas that could use improvement, but the hope is that there aren’t many. When going through the analytical data, be aware of these statistics.

Average Time

In a way, this is similar to how long someone stays on a website when they visit it, only you’re hoping for brevity. It’s one of the most important KPIs to gauge, because it’s an accurate assessment of how long it’s taking the call center to deliver solutions to your customers. Ideally, you’d like for this number to be in a standard range.


Having a poor abandonment rate means the call center is not fulfilling their duties. Abandonment means your customers are not satisfied with their experience, and they’ve opted to give up on the call. In a lot of cases, this happens when a customer can’t even be connected with an agent. Call abandonment has a negative effect on success, and it ruins the retention rate you strive for with customers.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

The most important part of your call center is to make sure that customers are satisfied with their experience. If they’re not satisfied, then there’s really no point in going through the process. Call centers typically offer surveys after their interactions, and it’s here where you can assess if people are doing a good job.

First Call Resolution

All KPIs are important, and this is no different, as first call resolution measures the percentage of calls where the customer finds a solution in their initial interaction. Rather than having a customer become disgruntled or the situation becoming even worse, first call resolution bypasses any problems by providing expert customer service. It’s perhaps the most accurate tool that gauges how efficient an agent is at finding solutions.


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