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The Growing Popularity of Live Chat

Live ChatJust as marketing vehicles have segmented along with the growth of the internet, so have the modes of communication with customers evolved.

Live phone support of course remains popular, particularly for those who are less tech-savvy or have an matter that is rather complex or nuanced. But the internet has allowed for enhanced communication with options such as email, web forms, and live chat.

And the latter, live chat, has become more popular than ever. In fact, A recent survey shows that between 2010 and 2013, use of web chat in the US and UK increased by 23%

What’s driving the appeal of live chat within the realm of customer service?

One answer is similar to why younger people (who tend to type fast anyway) tend to text more than talk with their smartphones. Communication remains focused. One texts a succinct question, and gets a succinct answer in return.

Agents also are able to work faster as well. The can multi-task between several clients at a time.

Also attributing to the acceptance of chat has been the introduction of it by large support entities such as cable providers. In an effort to enhance their images after being the perennial butt to jokes about poor customer service, they introduced live chat an option. So when the choices are limited between a long wait for phone support or submitting an email or webform and then having to wait a day for a reply, customers presented with a third option,  that of live chat, jumped at the chance to try it out. And the results have spoken for themselves. In another recent survey, for those customers who took advantage of live chat, satisfaction surpassed all other forms of communication with agents.

Just as today’s marketing has grown into multi-prong efforts, so too has the realm of customer service and communication. Live chat is one burgeoning technology that you should consider including in your palette of customer service tools.

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