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6 Reasons Phone Surveys Work for Businesses

Phone Surveys

Phone surveys are a highly useful tool for many businesses. Learn why below!

Email surveys are very popular since you can end up in thousands of inboxes after a single click, but are they offering you an effective return rate? Phone surveys are a very cost-effective option for business owners and they typically get higher response rates than mailed or emailed surveys. Why are phone surveys such an effective tool for businesses?

They Stand Out

As we transition into a digital world, people receive fewer and fewer phone calls every day. Most people don’t receive any phone calls during the day! However, email inboxes are stuffed to the brim with solicitations and advertisements. A phone call stands out from the pack, making your customer more likely to pick up the phone and more likely to respond.

You Get More Information

When people type, you only have access to the words on the page as they’re submitted. When people talk on the phone, however, you get to hear the inflections they make, their tone of voice, and much more information than you would otherwise.

It’s Easier for Your Customer

The biggest barrier to getting responses to a survey is how difficult it is for the customer to fill out the survey. Phone surveys make it much easier for customers to participate, so they are much more likely to do so.

It’s More Personal

Since phone surveys involve, at a minimum, a voice recording of a person reading the questions, they are a more personal way to reach out to clients for feedback.

You Can Get a Live Person

Depending on your business, you can even have an option for survey takers to access a live customer service agent during or after the phone call. This gives you the chance to immediately collect a sale from that person or immediately address a customer service issue. The sooner that you deal with a problem, the more satisfied the customer will be.

Don’t Rely on Smartphones

Smartphones are a fantastic tool, but many survey sites load inconsistently or slowly on the screens. Users get frustrated with overly complicated survey pages (or things that don’t load altogether). Phone surveys allow you to skip the frustration and get better answers the first time.

Phone Surveys from TeleRep

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