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3 Reasons Humans Are Better than Automated Customer Service

automated customer service

Look at those bright, shining faces! Robots can’t smile like that.

In the never-ending quest to reduce costs while providing top-notch customer service, many companies are shifting to an automated customer service structure. This means either automated answering systems or installing a chat bot with which your customers can interact to solve their problems, or at least direct them to a human customer service rep who can. But is that customer service truly “top-notch”? We’ve all had that headache experience of trying to deal with a robo-operator, screaming “SPEAK TO AN AGENT” to try to find human contact, all to no avail. Here’s some evidence that those automated customer service chat bots might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

#1 Humans Have Empathy

This has been the age-old debate of man vs machine. Humans have emotions while chat bots very clearly do not. Empathy is what makes your call center agents to listen to customers’ problems, understand them, apologize, and make the customer feel valued. On the other side, automated customer service saying, “I’m sorry about that,” isn’t really sorry about your problems at all.

#2 Humans Are Problem-Solvers

When you deal with automated customer service, you’re almost always going into it with the end goal just finding a real, live person to talk to. Because humans can listen and understand, they can also think and analyze — something that many automated customer service systems simply don’t do. Humans can find information, use accumulated knowledge, and apply past experiences. Good luck getting your automated answering service or chat bot to do that.

#3 Robots Are Frustrating

Until the Jetsons’ robo-maid, Rosie, is bringing us snacks and dusting our filing cabinets, we’re going to stick with this thought. All of the technology we have access to in 2016 can be great, but in the case of nearly every automated customer service system out there today, they simply can’t help us in ways that we need them to. We know you’ve spent time yelling at an automated operator trying to get it to understand you, only to be sent to the Spanish options menu. While we wait for computer engineers and programmers to build a better system, we’ll be over here with our amazing, human call center agents, waiting for your call.

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