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3 Things to Consider About Using an Answering Service

An answering service is a valuable tool.

For any business, it is a good problem to have to deal with a high volume of calls. But you don’t want to get to the point where you risk losing customers because you couldn’t get to the phone. An answering service is a valuable tool to keep up with your customer volume by increasing your responsiveness to incoming calls. If you have been thinking about getting an answering service for your business, then here are three important considerations.

Time Frame

The first thing you want to think about is quantity, and that is in terms of hours. An answering service can operate 24/7, taking customer calls even when you aren’t there. But chances are, you won’t need to hire an answering service for that long. The standard is to handle call overflow during office hours, which is perfect for small businesses. However, if the nature of your business has the expectation of helping customers at all hours, such as with healthcare or plumbing, then a 24-hour answering service is the right choice.

Customer Service

Now let’s address the quality of your answering service. When looking for an answering service, you should make sure that you invest in one that gives your customers a great experience. When people call your business and speak with your answering service, they could have anything from a simple question to a big complaint. In all situations, you want an answering service that your customers will be satisfied with. Friendly, patient, professional, and knowledgeable representatives are a must. 

Business Image

Because an answering service is directly interacting with your customers, in some ways, you are trusting them to uphold your reputation. More importantly, your business’s brand image is also tied to how you work with your answering service. It’s important to touch base at the beginning and find an answering service that you can communicate your vision to. The agents who are a part of your answering service should have all the right information about your business and be able to communicate it to the customer in the same way that you would want to if you could speak to each customer face-to-face.

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