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4 Benefits of an Answering Service for Your Law Firm

Lawyers spend a lot of their time meeting with clients and it can be a big distraction to always have the phone interrupting consultations!

One of the most important elements of an attorney’s job is communication. They must stay in touch with their clients on a regular basis in order to prepare the best possible cases. However, there isn’t always time to be on the phone for long periods of time when attorneys have multiple case loads that they are working on at one time and likely with tight deadlines. An answering service is the perfect solution to this problem. Here are four benefits of an answering service for your law firm.

No Missed Calls

One thing people look at when trying to decide on an attorney is how easy they are to access. If someone is constantly being sent to voicemail when trying to reach an attorney, that lowers the chances of them choosing that person. An answering service allows you to have someone available at all times to answer incoming calls to the law firm. This helps your chances of gaining new clients while also keeping current clients happy with their services, increasing your customer satisfaction.

Field Questions

Answering service employees are trained in the specific field they will be working in. This means that your answering service will be able to answer basic questions about your firm without you having to get on the phone. They will be able to tell potential clients about your services and give you contact information for the ones that are truly interested in the services your provide. Answering service employees know about various data and confidentiality laws as well.

Less Interruptions

An attorneys job is very busy and also very fast paced. This leaves very little room for interruption when you have a full caseload as well as potential clients trying to schedule consultations. The more interruptions while you work, the less productivity there is. It can also be very inconvenient when you are in a meeting with a client and the phone constantly rings. An answering service gives you more time to focus on the work that you have to do.


When the phone is ringing while you are trying to get work done, it can be hard to keep an organized system. You may pull out the closest pen and paper to jot down some information and unknowingly misplace amongst all of the other papers you have on your desk if you are in a rush. With an answering service, the name, time, and date of the calls are all recorded as they answer them. They also document the subject of the call and the specific questions that were asked. This helps you keep all of your current and potential client calls organized so that you can better manage them.

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