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4 Benefits of Phone Surveys for Business

Phone Surveys

Employing an experienced call center for your business’ phone surveys will result in high-quality data.

Phone surveys are a phenomenal tool that many businesses don’t bother using. However, they are one of the best ways to touch base with your customers and see what their satisfaction level is, hear more about their motivations, and see if they would be interested in your new products. Here are 4 of the top benefits of phone surveys for business.

Boost Your Quality Control

If you use an experienced call center to complete your phone surveys, you ensure that you will get great and accurate results every time. They know how to get respondents to answer questions, properly interpret the questions you want to be asked, and properly respond to your research team with any concerns or issues.

A Higher Response Rate

It might sound counterintuitive because we have all received annoying phone survey calls during dinner time, but phone surveys receive much higher response rates than mailed or emailed surveys. Phone surveys almost always provide a higher and higher quality response rate, as they are brief and harder to say no to. It is also more convenient for your customers if you catch them at the right time, since you don’t need to worry about them putting off mailing back the survey or losing internet access.

Get Personal

Talking to a human on the phone during a phone survey is always more personal than filling out a white sheet of paper! Phone surveys help your customers to feel like their concerns are truly being heard and responded to right away. It also gives your business the power to immediately right wrongs, instead of waiting for a negative review to come in online.

The Best of Both Worlds

Phone surveys combine the best aspects of in-person surveys and mail/email surveys since they allow for some anonymity and maximize the feeling of obligation to complete the survey. Expect your customers to be more open and honest and also give you answers to all of your questions.

Phone Surveys for Your Business Through TeleRep

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