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4 Phrases Call Center Representatives Should Never Use

4 phrases call center agents should never use telerep

Training call center agents on what to say and not say to customers is a crucial element. Here are some phrases that call center agents should avoid saying to customers.

Working in a customer service environment can be very stressful. Angry customers, overbearing managers, and unhelpful coworkers can all add to the strain of working in a call center. However, good call center agents do not let the customer hear their stress or discomfort. Keeping a level head and prioritizing the customer’s needs is the best way to deescalate a situation. Training call center agents on what to say and not say to customers is a crucial element. Here are some phrases that call center agents should avoid saying to customers.

I Don’t Know

This phrase is vastly unhelpful to customers. It reveals that you are not skilled at your job, and the customers feel as if their issues do not matter. Every service agent should be trained to handle almost every question that is asked of them. The correct response should be something like, “I’ll find out the answer for you.” It might not be what the customer wants to hear, but it shows the agent is both prepared and willing to help.

Please Hold for a Moment

No one likes to be put on hold. Saying this to a customer implies a lack of urgency on the part of the agent. If you must put a customer on hold, it is best to be specific and direct by saying, “Please hold for a brief moment so that I can speak with my supervisor and get back to you with an answer.” The process will take a long time, but it is a much more satisfying thing to hear for your already frustrated customer.

It is Against Company Policy

This can sound like a cop-out to customers, as though you can not be bothered to explain your company’s policy to them. Call center agents should only refer to a company’s policy when the customer is fully aware of the policy and has agreed to the terms and conditions. As a call center rep, you need to give reasons for the policy and, most importantly, tell the customer that you want to help them.

There is Nothing I Can Do

This is probably the worst thing you can say regarding a customer concern. It can frustrate the customer and make them feel like they wasted their time by calling. There is always something that can be done, whether it be refunding a purchase or transferring the call to higher management. Call center agents should focus on solving the problem rather than dismissing a customer’s situation.

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