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Call Center Etiquette 101

Discover the best practices for working in a call center.

Discover the best practices for working in a call center.

Working in a call center is unique since you are on the front line of customer service, but don’t ever work with customers face to face. Maintaining positive and productive interactions with customers is of the utmost importance, and every call center professional should regularly brush up on their call center etiquette. Here are some of our best call center etiquette tips!

Be Professional

When working in a call center, you should always be professional. Remember that you are the face of the company you are currently representing, so you should never offer comments or make snide remarks that might make your company look bad. Never say anything in a call with a customer that you couldn’t stand the thought of being put on YouTube.

Honesty Is Best

You should always do your best to be completely honest with customers. Don’t lie or fabricate an answer that you give to a customer. Instead, forward the customer to another representative who is higher up or takes the time to research the right answer on your own. Small lies can become huge problems when customers call back to speak with another representative only to find that you lied to them. Instead, tell the full truth the first time.

Confidence Is Key

Maintaining an air of confidence is always best when working in customer service. Make sure that your staff and fellow employees are well trained and that they understand how to handle tricky situations, like angry customers. Confidence is intangible but makes a huge difference in the level of consumer trust that callers place in your brand. When you know the right answer to a question, you will always answer more confidently than when you are grasping at straws.

Stay Interested

Finally, you should do your best to be genuinely interested in each customer that calls and how to solve their problems. By taking a serious interest in the problem and the best way to fix it, you will ensure the best possible results and happiest possible customers.

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