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Common Call Center Metrics Mistakes: Part 1

Call center metrics

Forget everything you know about call center metrics! …Okay, maybe not everything. But check out this advice!

We know that call center metrics aren’t everything, but they are still something. Call center metrics provide an empirical report on the success of your call center, and tell you ways you’re succeeding and ways you can improve. However, there are a few repeated mistakes that call center executives make in measuring and interpreting common call center metrics. Some of them are outlined below, and make sure you check back next week for part two of this topic.

Occupancy Rate

Occupancy Rate measures how “busy” your agents are at work, and can often foretell “agent burn-out.” While you may want to see that your agents are hard at work the entire time they’re manning your lines, that’s largely impractical. The general consensus is that anything above 85% occupancy is unsustainable, because your agents need some time to breathe, gather their thoughts, and take a break from phone calls to ensure that they stay happy (and sane).

Average Handle/Call Time

Many call center experts believe that average call time isn’t even a great thing to measure, because it depends on so many variables, and doesn’t even necessarily measure success. It’s tough to aggregate average times in a way that represents your center accurately. It can vary depending on the topic of the call, the actions required, and the technology available. And setting a benchmark of simply “lower AHT” can cause your agents to rush through calls, reducing the value of the customer service they provide.

Remember, we’ll be back next week with another set of common call center metrics pitfalls, so make sure you keep up with our blog! You don’t want to miss any of these great call center tips!

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