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Consumer Complaints: How to Manage

Business-LandlineIf you ask a business owner how often they receive incoming phone calls, chances are they will tell you pretty frequently. What they won’t want to tell you is how many of those incoming calls are really consumer complaints.

Consumer complaints tend to happen more often than one might think. If an individual has a poor customer experience, they are more likely to call your business to follow up with a consumer complaint. While many of your consumers may have positive customer experiences, they tend to be less likely to place a follow up call.

In order to properly handle these consumer complaints, it is important to first understand why the complaints are being made. If a business has an understanding of why a consumer complaint is being filed initially, they will be better prepared to handle each situation on an individual level. A survey was recently conducted that included 20 agencies for consumer protection as well as 40 states that provided a list of the most common consumer complaints. These consumer complaints include:

  • False Advertisement Complaints
  • Proper Repair Complaints
  • Deceptive Sales Tactics
  • Poor Deliveries
  • Housing
  • Billing Complaints
  • Credit Card Charges
  • Home Service Complaints


Has your business experienced any of these consumer complaints? One way to help handle consumer complaints in a more effective way is through a live answering service through TeleRep.

TeleRep employees are trained to not only handle incoming customer calls, but they can also field consumer complaints. Our team members will be trained on your business and the types of calls you tend to experience. Once they have a grasp of the consumer complaints you have ever received, they will be able to handle the complaints politely and effectively. Consumers will be more likely to have a change of opinion and to be more understanding if they speak with a person directly instead of a recording.

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