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Handling Media Calls for Small Businesses

Media Response


In today’s society, advertising for your new businesses couldn’t be easier. The media industry has opened several doors for businesses in the ways of advertisement, letting the word spread quicker and farther about your business. From television, to print, to the World Wide Web, advertisement for your business can reach an array of people in a small amount of time. Normally with an ad for a business, contact information that includes a phone number, is printed in an area that is easily visible for potential new customers. Once your phone number is made available, calls will start to pour in about your business. These calls can become very overwhelming and some businesses choose to direct these calls to a recording of some sort.  While this may seem like a productive decision at first, it could harm your business in the long run. This is why TeleRep offers services in Media Response.

So why would media response be helpful for your business? Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Customer Service- Most people feel more comfortable speaking to an actual person instead of dealing with pre-recorded menus or options. By directing media calls to a trained TeleRep employee, future customers will be greeted by a pleasant voice and not a lifeless recording.
  2. Efficiency- People are in a constant state of hurry nowadays, so why would they want to wait and hear a list of options when they call your business? When you have a human answer your phone instead of a recording, your customer’s needs will be heard immediately and their call can be directed as necessary.
  3. Reputation- There are plenty of consumers that dread calling certain companies because they know they will be faced with hours on the phone dealing with prerecorded menus. Once word gets around that your business uses real people instead of recordings, your reputation will soar.


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