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How Phone Customer Satisfaction Surveys Can Improve Your Business

Here are a few other ways that phone surveys can improve your business.

Believe it or not, most businesses underestimate the power of the phone survey. It is a great tool for figuratively keeping a finger on the pulse of your customer base. With an experienced call center, phone surveys won’t just be used to gauge customer satisfaction or inform them about your new products. Here are a few other ways that phone surveys can improve your business.


There is almost nothing more valuable to a business’s growth than the comments, suggestions, and even criticism of customers. Phone surveys give you the ability to take real-time feedback and translate it into ways to make your business’s products and practices more appealing to customers. The right call center will be able to field customer feedback properly address any grievances while giving you the information to learn and improve.

Building a Relationship

Phone surveys have the right level of personal touch because customers can relate to another human being on the other side of the phone. A quality representative will know how to guide a customer through your survey and interpret each question without interfering with the customer’s response. As you begin to use the customer feedback to better address their needs, this will strengthen their trust in your business. Phone surveys will also give customers the feeling that your business is more accessible and cares about their concerns. In addition to building your business’ reputation, you will be establishing a faithful customer base that will be loyal patrons for the long-term.

More Effective

You are much more likely to collect responses to your phone survey than if it was in an online or mail format. You may have heard of or experienced how unpopular and inconvenient phone surveys may be. However, most customers, once they are on the phone, are willing to take a couple minutes out of their day to complete a phone survey if they are made to feel that it is worthwhile. Most people in this age will toss a mail survey in the recycle bin rather than sit down to complete it. And no one wants to go through the hassle and glitches of an online survey; it is incredibly frustrating to spend several minutes carefully typing in answers only for an error message or computer freeze to erase all of that work. Customers or more comfortable giving their honest opinion when they know that it will be heard.

Phone Surveys for Your Business Through TeleRep

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