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How to Deal With High Call Volume

How to Deal With High Call Volume telerep

Your call lines are suddenly flooded, you don’t have the manpower to handle it, and the customers are becoming irritated. What do you do?

High call volume can be a call center’s biggest nightmare. Your lines are suddenly flooded, you don’t have the manpower to deal with it all, and the customers on the other end are becoming irritated with the long wait times. What do you do? Well, it can be difficult to deal with high call volume. But by taking proactive steps to mitigate the issue ahead of time, you can set your call center up for success and prevent high call volume from ever becoming an issue.

Create Reliable/Backup Systems

Experiencing any kind of downtime will mean high call volume once you’re back up and running. That’s why you should do what you can to ensure all of your necessary systems run as smoothly as possible. Installing a generator can help you shrug off any power outages coming your way. Conversely, working with a reliable and proven local Internet and phone provider makes it less likely that you’ll deal with any technical issues outside of your power. 

Create FAQs and Knowledge Bases

You can reduce your call volume by giving users another place to go, like online web portals filled with information or FAQs on your site that repeatedly address some questions you’re seeing. Many customers will look to your online presence first anyway and prefer to deal with the problem on their own, so you can help prevent many of your customers from getting frustrated. Sometimes, people just want to take care of an issue on their own and don’t want to have to pick up the phone.

Take Advantage of Chatbots

Chatbots must be implemented correctly to succeed, but they can take the burden off your agents. Just make sure to give your chatbots a natural cadence and are constantly updated with the latest and greatest information available. You also want to keep an eye on how customers react to it; it may be the case that every customer reacts to one chatbot prompt similarly, so you could cut a step out and help customers get to where they’re going faster.

Spread Out Your Channels

Don’t just rely on your phone lines. Use live agents across social media platforms or your website to help people get what they want quicker. Giving people more places to reach you also helps empower them to go where they feel most comfortable, giving them a better experience overall.

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