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How to Sound Professional When Taking a Call

The success of your call services, and by that extent your business, depends on the skills of the receptionist. And when that task falls to you, it’s good to be prepared with a few ways to assure customers that you are capable and professional. These tips will help you maintain a professional tone for every call you take.

These tips will help you maintain a professional tone for every call you take.

Prepare an Introduction

First impressions are everything. The best way to set the tone of a conversation is to already have an introduction prepared that is simple and to the point and, of course, professional. You can introduce the company in your greeting by saying “Thank you for calling (Company name). How can I help you today?” This way your customer will know that they have the right number and have a moment to gather themselves before asking their question. Remember that a short and simple introduction will be easy for you to remember and repeat for every call.

Don’t Rush

It’s good to stay mindful of how quickly you are talking. Not only will talking too fast potentially confuse you and the customer, but it might be perceived as rude. Instead, relax and be friendly, let yourself share a good-natured comment about traffic or the weather with your customer. Another trick is when the customer asks a question to repeat their question back to them. This makes sure that you heard them right and lets them know that you are listening.

Take Notes

Because listening is such an important part about taking customer calls, it helps to have a notepad beside you to keep track of your conversation. Sometimes certain customer service requests will be long and multi-layered. And answer to your customer’s original question might lead to a whole new set of questions. By making a couple quick bullet points of what you have discussed, this can help save you time and reassure the customer that you know what you’re doing.

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