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Inbound vs. Outbound Call Centers: What’s The Difference?

Both inbound and outbound call centers are a great way to improve sales and gain company exposure, but there are some key differences.

All employees working in sales or marketing should have the basic knowledge on what types of customers are calling their phones day in and out. As good as your employees may be at selling your products, some don’t know the basic terms for what type of customers call them everyday. Two terms you should introduce to these employees are inbound and outbound call centers. By explaining the two and coming up with ways to improve both, more sales and company exposure will start to roll in. Here’s a breakdown of the two and their differences.

Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call centers are just as they sound and are very easy to understand. Inbound calls centers are customers or outside people calling in to you. These calls come in after seeing advertisement about the product or service you offer and wanting to inquire. Customers usually have seen an advertisement in the paper, on television, through billboards or by word of mouth. This type of call is one that is very important and let’s you know you are adequately getting the word out about your brand. You won’t have to fish for calls or worry about when you will be able to make a sale because people are calling you.


If you aren’t receiving inbound calls, there are some ways that can boost this action. Providing your number legibly on all marketing materials entices people to call immediately as your phone number is readily available. Also, as people are on your web page researching your services, include an option where they can immediately click to dial your company phone to make an inquiry. This is called an click-to-call feature. Click-to-call features are click baits, but often time work in getting getting inbound calls.

Outbound Call Centers

Now that we have explained what inbound call centers are, it will be easy to explain what outbound call centers are. Outbound call center are the opposite; just as you have customers calling in, outbound is your employees calling out to customers. This involves cold calling, checking up of past customers to see if they need your services again and checking on current customers.


Here’s a good tip for successful outbound call: make sure you have every person that comes into your office submit a phone number for your records. When it comes time to checking up on their paid service or product, you could potentially get another sale out of them. Outbound calls proactively drives your sales up.


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