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Why It May Be Time to Hire a Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Is it time for your business to employ a virtual receptionist?

Efficiency is a watchword in the business world today. Companies are constantly seeking to decrease costs while increasing the efficiency of their business. For some companies, subcontracting to virtual staff can help lower costs as they work from other locations. A virtual receptionist performs basic receptionist functions but is a live person that isn’t in the company office.

Office Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual receptionist is increased flexibility. A staff receptionist may resist working odd hours or weekends. In a small business, odd hours are sometimes a necessity and a virtual receptionist will always be available 24/7 offering a flexible solution. A virtual receptionist can also assist during the busiest times for your company by offering a secondary backup.

Financial Benefits

When you break it down, the cost of one full-time employee, even just an hourly one, can be a big burden – especially when adding in sick time, vacation time, benefits, and health care. For any small business (or big business), it can be draining financially. When your employees become a liability, it may be time to hire a virtual assistant.

Business Benefits

Even though your business and customer service is well known and things are going well, hiring a virtual receptionist can still be a good choice. By expanding coverage with a 24/7 receptionist, your customers are always able to reach you or book appointments. If you are looking into longer business hours, you can save money by hiring a virtual receptionist instead of extra staff.

Virtual Receptionists are diligently screened and trained during the interview and hiring process. Most companies offer extensive customer service training that makes virtual receptionists significantly more professional. While you may try your best it can be hard for corporate companies to offer this level of training, but when you hire out for the service you get high-quality service giving your company a good name.

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