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What Are the Most Popular Answering Services?

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There are some answering services that are more desired by clients than others!

Here at Telerep, we offer many different services for our customers. From basic call handling to complete IT help desk service and order entry, there are a lot of different options out there for businesses looking to hire an answering service to receive their inbound calls. Have you ever wondered which answering services are the most popular? Today we’ll take a look at which answering services are the most requested by businesses.

1. Telephone Answering Services

Perhaps the most obvious service requested of an answering service is having the phone answered! Answering services offer many features in addition to simply answering the phone. They can take messages and employ call recording as well. They can also tailor their answering service to the unique needs of your business, such as directing certain callers directly to you.

2. Bilingual Services

Spanish speaking answering services are becoming increasingly popular as the Hispanic population continues to grow. As businesses tap into the Hispanic market, they need an answering service to cater to their needs. Answering services are recognizing this and providing bilingual receptionists to assist these businesses.

3. Order-Taking

Many companies outside of retail or commerce use order-taking services! Businesses looking to send out information and/or brochures will employ an answering service offering order-taking assistance. This service can also help companies handle payment processing so they can focus on getting their products and information out to the customer quickly.

4. Customer Service

Live answering services are a key component of the customer service experience. Customers do not want to spend much time navigating an automated system and their satisfaction ratings plummet whenever a business decides to employ a robotic system. A live service utilizes representatives specifically trained in the art of customer service. This helps you build and retain a great rapport with your customers!

5. Scheduling Appointments

Call centers can offer appointment scheduling so that businesses that work on a schedule can get the help they need in setting and tracking their appointments. From doctors and lawyers, to restaurants, an answering service can focus on making the appointments while you focus on making your business great!

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