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TeleRep Virginia 2013 Strategic Marketing Tips

It’s the start of 2013 and an excellent time to jump start your marketing strategy.

Why is this the perfect time for strategic marketing?

The time after the big holiday season is a good time to sell any type of excess merchandise because consumers are ready to redeem gift cards and purchase discounted products.

How you promote your business products and services during this time period will decide whether your Virginia retail store makes big profits or no profits at all.

TeleRep can help your business effectively market itself with email marketing, advertising campaigns, social media engagement and daily deals.

Email marketing can be successful if your business launches end of the year sales from end of December to early January. Email marketing is the perfect way to spread the word on your business while narrowing in on specific customer segments. In email marketing it works best when coupons are sent.

For Virginia shoppers’ advertising campaigns, always do sale promotions and highlight clearance items.

And don’t forget to promote all your marketing initiatives on social media accounts.

Consumers love to check out great deals via the web and one place they check daily is social media.

Become more interactive with social media users through quality content and contests. Answer their questions and respond positively to the comments of users.

Create contests that make users have to be proactive about coming to your store such as the first 20 check-ins of the day receive a free gift or a big discount.

Do daily deals online and in-stores as well. This will help you clear stores just in time for spring merchandise stock up.

TeleRep can manage your entire promotional marketing  and make your 2013 business marketing a huge success.

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