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The Advantages of Inbound and Outbound Calling Services

Read on for a quick breakdown of what inbound and outbound calling entails, as well as how these services can help your business.

A call center offers many services, most notably accepting incoming calls and making outgoing ones, which is called inbound and outbound calling. Inbound and outbound calling, are considered the basis of good-quality customer service for a business. Read on for a quick breakdown of what inbound and outbound calling entails, as well as how these services can help your business.

Inbound Services

With inbound customer service, a call center takes incoming calls from a customer. Rather than a message-based system, like traditional voicemail, the customer is able to speak directly with a representative. This has shown to greatly increase customer satisfaction, which can turn into profit for your business. Examples of uses for inbound calling include general customer service and tech support, providing company information, and answering questions. Inbound customer service is a great way to establish the professionalism and credibility of your company in the eyes of your customer base.

Outbound Services

On the other hand, outbound customer service means that the call center will make calls to your customer on your company’s behalf. Likewise, the customer talks to a live representative, just like with inbound calling. Some people have a negative view of outbound calling because it is associated with telemarketing schemes. However, outbound customer service can and should be used to build a positive relationship with customers. Some examples of productive outbound calling that you can expect from a call center include making follow-up calls, conducting satisfaction surveys, and scheduling appointments.

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