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The Benefits of Inbound and Outbound Customer Service

Inbound and outbound calling, are the foundation of quality customer service for a business.

As you probably know, a call center can provide a number of services. Two of the most common functions of a typical call center is to accept incoming calls and make outgoing ones. These services, known as inbound and outbound calling, are the foundation of quality customer service for a business. Here is a quick definition of each service and some examples of how they can help your business.

Inbound Customer Service

Call centers use inbound customer service to receive calls from a customer. This is not a message based system, but the customer speaks directly with a representative for support.  Some good uses for inbound customer service include giving company information, tech support, and answering questions about products, sales or a customer’s account. With inbound customer service, your company’s credibility will grow in the eye of your customer base.

Outbound Customer Service

For outbound customer service, the call center makes calls to a customer on behalf of the company. Much like inbound customer service, the customer will speak with a real person and not a machine. Outbound customer service is not about telemarketing schemes, nor is it limited to promoting goods or services. Companies use outbound customer service to establish a relationship of trust with customers. Some examples of outbound Customer service include scheduling appointments and services, conducting surveys, and following up on a previous call made by the customer.

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