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Nationwide Call Center & Answering Service Since 1976

The Benefits of Professional Live Answering Services

Are you searching for a live answering service call center to serve as an extension of your company?

Look no further than TeleRep nationwide call center and answering service.

We have a professional staff of TeleRep live operators ready to provide you 24/7 live telephone answering services.

TeleReps are well skilled to handle appointment scheduling, order taking as well as virtual receptionist duties.

You can count on our TeleReps to handle your live answering services on after-hours, on weekends and even holidays.

To put it simple, our TeleReps are the professional call agents any business needs for an extra personal touch.

Customer calls are never the same and it’s rare that customer needs will be identical.

TeleReps are here to leave a positive, lasting impression on your customers about the high quality your business provides for products and services.

For your entire customer care calls, you can count on our agents to provide the highest quality call center solutions.

Our call center solutions include:

  • 24/7 live answering service
  • Virtual answering services
  • Web chat services
  • Order Taking/ processing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • And overall customization of telephone answering services.

We offer all this and more at a cost-effective price and you can count on our TeleReps to serve as a positive extension of your company’s customer service support 24/7.

TeleRep Nationwide Call Center is here to build up your business success and help you maintain excellent customer relationships.

All our TeleRep call center services are affordable,with full customization and high quality. The average day cost of our TeleRep services is less than $2.40. This is more economically sound than hiring a full-time staff of receptionists.

We are 100% dedicated to providing you affordable services that keep your business profitable.

Have a look at call center services from TeleRep to see how we can improve your customer service support and overall telemarketing.

You can inquire about the effectiveness of the TeleRep nationwide call center and Live answering service today by calling 1-800-638-2000 or click heretoday!

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