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Tips for Handling Emergency Calls

Tips for Handling Emergency Calls telerep

Most call centers typically have a designated service to handle emergency calls — or at least they should

Most contact centers will typically have a designated service to handle emergency calls — or at least they definitely should. In fact, having a proper procedure for handling any emergency calls that come your way becomes increasingly important for any business owner looking to thrive and succeed in the long run. The reality is, your agents must understand the proper protocols when answering an emergency call. Ultimately, having formalized procedures in place can do wonders for your business overall. Here are a few of the key ways that your business can really begin to implement the proper emergency call procedures for an effective and efficient business

Remaining Calm And Gathering All The Important Information

When training your agents, you must make sure they stay calm whenever answering an emergency call. In fact, there are some excellent questions they can ask to help them gather all the most relevant information to help them make the most out of their job to assist with the situation at hand. The reality is, asking if they are in any physical pain, if they are concerned for their safety; and if there is absolutely anyone nearby who can help are the three most vital questions for agents to ask when dealing with an emergency call. Ultimately, detecting an emergency call can be a tough task — but utilizing these important questions can really help agents gather the right information to evaluate the situation effectively and efficiently. 

Displaying Empathy

Another key element of having an emergency call center requires that all agents show empathy when dealing with an emergency call. In fact, kindness and compassion are necessary when handling any emergency call that comes through to your call center. The reality is, businesses should always train their agents to use a voice that can show empathy — and also state that they fully understand the situation by showing compassion as well. Ultimately, what agents may consider minor inconveniences might be significant issues to the caller, which shows why empathy and understanding in an emergency call become increasingly important. 

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