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Tips for Sending Excellent Customer Service Emails

Here are some tips to help you send customer service emails that are both professional and helpful.

With the rise of online interaction between customers and businesses, sending a thoughtfully-worded and engaging email is crucial for your success. Especially when it comes to customer service, you want to make sure that your customers know how much you care about them and appreciate their support. Here are some tips to help you send customer service emails that are both professional and helpful.

Set Style Guidelines

One of the most important first steps in preparing a customer service email is to understand what type of style you want to present your email customer service. This can be a simple as deciding on a particular tone to word each email, and it can go as in-depth as designing a template and adding company graphics. Whatever you decide, it’s best to think of a way to deliver each email in a consistent and professional package.

Always Stay Positive 

Positive language is key when interacting with customers. Before you send any email, make sure that you read through it and watch out for any negative wording. The email itself doesn’t have to be negative for too many “don’ts” and “no’s” to slip in. Wherever you can, it’s best to reword your email so that there is as little negative wording as possible. This subtle change will go a long way because when customers don’t have the tone of your voice as a cue, then positive phrasing keeps them from misinterpreting the tone of your email.

Send Regular Updates

Great customer service is always proactive, which makes the customer feel heard and important. By following up with your customer and sending updates on the progress of their question or issue, the customer will know that you remember them and care about their concern.

Personalize to the Customer

Another way to make sure that your customer feels important is by personalizing the email to them. Most people who open an email that begins with “Dear Valued Customer” feel anything but valued. If you address your customer by name and tailor your responses to their specific needs, then they will feel confident that your business will take care of them. Don’t forget to end every email with a thank you, because even customer complaints are valuable feedback for improving your business.

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