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Tips for Help Desk Representatives

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Working a help desk can be challenging. Keep these tips in mind to make it a little easier.

Tackling a more technical side of customer service can be difficult from time to time. When customers require a more specific solution to their tech challenge, it is definitely worthwhile to be able to present them with that solution effectively. Whether their question is tech based or not, keep these help desk tips in mind to ensure smooth and optimal service.  

It Starts With Identifying And Evaluating The Complexity of the Problem  

When the help desk is contacted by a customer, while there is a good chance that their problem is common, many problems are not. In fact, these can run the full gamut of complexity and require all sorts of approaches to be solved. One one hand, a customer may require a simple solution, on the other, they may present you with a problem you have never seen before. Knowing which resources to point customers toward if their situation is easily fixed is critical, or the proper team members to point a customer to help them solve any more complex issues is also important.  

Figure Out The Customer’s Technical Savvy

While for some customers a few simple directions may be enough to solve any problem, this will only fluster others who are less tech leaning. When customers contact your help desk, be sure your agents are prepared to get to the bottom of this, so they know who to forward a call to, or if a problem can be handled easily. This will make the entire process smoother and ultimately more successful for everyone involved.  

Check For Previous Support Tickets

Many, particularly the less technologically inclined customers, will have the same issue more than once. By taking a look at their previous calls, you may better be able to assess their problem, give them the help they need, or direct them to the department which can fix any issues they are experiencing.

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