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Tough Calls: How to Bounce Back

No matter what type of business you work in, most of us can admit to handing a tough call or two. There are times when a customer or client is simply having a bad day, and the call center receptionist gets caught in the crossfire and experiences the brunt of the customer’s frustration. While sometimes the frustration may stem from your company, many times the frustration has nothing to do with you. Either way, you’re expected to handle the tough call and then move on to the next call. In order to bounce back with ease from these difficult calls that are bound to happen every now and again, consider the following tips:

Tough Calls

  • Take a moment for yourself- Instead of jumping right into the next call, take a minute to breathe. Take off your headset and take a few calming breaths to prevent having tension in your voice for your next call. If you enter your next call the way you ended your last, you could be facing a day of tough calls.
  • Reward yourself- While the customer was tough, you were able to manage the situation to the best of your ability. Instead of just trudging on with your calls, reward yourself with a nice stretch or snack to help release the stress of the call.
  • Laughing- Laughter can be the best medicine in certain situations. Sometimes it’s easier to simply laugh off the confrontation once the call has ended instead of harboring hurt feelings or frustration.
  • Making the switch- Sometimes a situation occurs where no matter what you say, the customer will not be pleased. If you feel as though you began the call on a bad note, offer to let the customer speak with someone else. The switch can sometimes help remove the tension from the conversation.

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