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Debunking Call Center Myths

Debunking Call Center Myths telerep

Many misconceptions about call center services give answering services a bad name.

When you think of a call center, odds are that you’re picturing line after line of uninterested and apathetic employees making outgoing cold calls and making people mad. While certain services include outgoing calls, this is not the bulk of what most call centers provide. This image of a call center is one of many misconceptions about call center services that give answering services a bad name (when really they provide a valuable tool to achieve good customer service). Let’s debunk six commonly believed call center myths.

Call Centers Offer Poor Customer Service

The myth that call centers offer a poor customer service experience because the employees and managers don’t need to care (it’s not their business that gets a poor reputation, after all), is totally false. At the end of the day, their client is your business, and if their service doesn’t meet your expectations they will still suffer a poor reputation and lose business. Also, generally, call centers have even more safeguards and policies in place to ensure good service, since that is all they do.

Call Centers Are All Outsourced To Foreign Countries

This is a persistent myth that is often not true. People assume that the call centers that they call (or that call them) are operated outside of the country (or “offshore”) and that they will have difficulty understanding the operators. This is often not the case, especially when you as the business owner choose a call services provider with domestic operations. Additionally, having a call center that is able to offer bilingual services can make you even more accessible to your potential customers. 

Call Centers Are Not Part Of Your Company

Another persistent myth is that since the call center duties are outsourced, they are not an extension of your company and will not operate like an employee. This goes hand-in-hand with the idea that the representatives’ service is poor. Generally, this is totally false. These representatives are not being pulled in multiple directions since answering calls is their only job and they are, therefore, able to offer better service. Also, their job does rely on providing good service, just as your direct employees do, and there is the added incentive of needing to keep their contract with your business going by keeping you happy as well.

Call Centers Are Too Expensive

There are some call centers that are expensive, just like with any other service, you might hire. That doesn’t mean that the whole industry is prohibitively expensive – it isn’t! The different costs for different services usually depend on the requirements you have of your call center. Generally speaking, a call center might cost you less than hiring a designated receptionist.

Call Centers Are Obsolete

Do people even call businesses anymore? Absolutely. The myth that the phone system (and by extension call centers) is obsolete is totally false. Customers call with questions all the time and having a dedicated representative to take their call and answer their questions (or take their order or handle their complaint) will always leave a better impression than your voicemail. 

Call Center Workers Don’t Care

the myth that people who work at call centers are slackers who don’t care is just rude. The workers at call centers can be just as good as a worker that you directly hire, but they are able to devote all of their attention to the calls coming into your business.

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