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Why Live Answering Services are Better Than Automated

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Having a live operator on the other end of the phone can help your business stand out from the automated competition.

While we have all ended up in an automated loop jam while trying to call a company to complete a simple task. More often than not, this complicates or lengthens a simple task, or after going through all the automated menus you end up talking to a person anyway. This is not the case when you utilize a live answering service. Unsurprisingly, live answering services offer shorter wait times for customers, and numerous other benefits. To learn more about what a live answering service can offer your business, read on.

A Live Answering Service Makes You Stand Out

No one likes dealing with automated phone bots, but according to a recent study of the top 100 Internet retailers, 79 use automated phone trees to keep customers lost in a maze of automated responses rather than allowing them to talk to a person. While automated systems have risen in popularity due to the fact that they are cheaper than outright hiring people, they may not actually do your business many favors in the long run. The number one internet retailer,, is amongst those that utilize a live answering service.    

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at an all time low, largely due to these automated phone systems which are everywhere, despite being generally disliked. People’s expectations have gotten so low that simply by having a living person answer the phone at your call center, you will score important points with your customer base. It is generally important to make your customers feel valued rather than agitated every time they contact your business.    


Automated call systems are often less efficient, over complicate tasks a living person could easily complete, and statistically lead to longer wait times for customers. While people are not inherently against automation, as many people prefer ATMs to live bank tellers  due to their convenience, they are generally against the endless automated response loop. People want quick and succinct service, not to press buttons for 45 minutes. The average hold time for a customer interacting with an automated system is a minute longer than than one interacting with a live answering service.   

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