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The Importance of Email Etiquette

Email etiquette can make the difference between gaining or losing new clients and customers!

Email has become the most common form of communication, and with this companies must pay better attention to their email etiquette. Not only can good emails make your company look more professional and put together, but they can prevent a variety of issues. Improper emails can put your company in a position of liability while well crafted, professional emails can help avoid any problems and make your company run more efficiently.  Here is some more information on proper email etiquette. 


One of the most critical steps for any email etiquette is always to proofread. Even if you’re replying to a quick question, proofreading can save you endless confusion and embarrassment. This means that you always need to follow common spelling and grammar rules, and never use slang or abbreviations. For help with both of these, there are plenty of services, such as Grammarly, which can help with editing. Additionally, it can help to ensure the “unsend” function has been turned on for all employees to help keep mistakes to a minimum.

Answer Swiftly

The benefit of email is that it allows for a timely, efficient response. Part of email etiquette means replying in a reasonable time frame. If you neglect your email and consistently delay your answers this advantage is lost. In general, email should be responded to within 24 hours. If you need longer to find a solution, a courtesy email of the “I’ve received your questions and am looking for answers” variety should be sent out. When you give this type of response, it will help put the other party at ease, but make sure you do respond as soon as you can.

Use Proper Structure and Layout

When formatting your professional emails, it can be easy to neglect common structure and layout rules. Keep in mind, reading from a computer can have an added layer of difficulty, and these rules significantly help. Make sure to use paragraph breaks, proper sentence structures, and spacing to allow for easy reading.

Don’t Write In All Capitals

Have you ever been screamed at by an email? IF YOU TYPE LIKE THIS YOU MIGHT BE THE ONE SCREAMING. When dealing with a written message, it is difficult to read into the emotion attached. When an email or text is sent in all caps the emotion that comes off is one of anger, urgency, and frustration. Not only can this create unnecessary tension, but it might also cause the other party to assume that there is a significant problem and trigger an unwanted or aggressive response.

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