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Three Tips for Writing a Phone Survey

Check out these tips to help you get the responses you need.

How effective was your teams last phone survey? While phone surveys can be a critical part of helping your team gather information and become more successful, if not written well, they can be more of a time waster than an information gatherer. From how to make your service better, what your team excels at, and what you need to work on – phone surveys can be an extremely useful tool. That said, if your last survey was a flop, make sure to check out these three tips to help you get the responses you need.

Only Ask Neutral Questions

When you are proud of your service and staff, you may find that you are phrasing your questions in a way that leads respondents to answer in a false manner. If you are making the mistake of using “leading questions” that bely your feelings or desires, you’ll never get the responses you want. Some respondents will follow your clues without thinking – giving you a positive review you might not have earned. On the opposite, some may notice your leading question and retaliate with a far worse review than they might otherwise give.

Clear, Singular Focused Questions

One mistake that many survey writers make is to pack too much into each question. If you are asking about customer service quality, for instance, you should not be asking about product reliability in the same segment. When possible, be sure that each question focuses on only one element and if there is more than one, be sure that they are closely related.

Test It Out

Before you present your new survey to your customers, be sure to complete several test runs. Not only can this help to ensure that your questions and requests are clear, but you may find that you’ll need to add or subtract from your survey. Sharing the drafts with staff, friends, and family can help save you time and ensure you get results to match your effort.

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