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Tips for Perfecting Your Call Center Script

Tips for Perfecting Your Call Center Script telerep

A well-crafted conversation script is an invaluable tool to have at your call center’s disposal.

A well-crafted conversation script is an invaluable tool to have at your call center’s disposal. With such a document handy for consultation, agents are well situated to ensure consistently positive client experiences will set your company apart from the pack. Whether your focus is solely based in customer service or more sales-/marketing-oriented, here are some vital considerations to keep in mind when drafting up a new script.

  1. Giving Plenty of Guidance

Your representative’s comfort and confidence will engender the customer’s own. Conversely, if an agent feels inadequately prepared by the script they’re working with, it’s sure to leave a bad taste in the mouth of clients and employees alike. Your scripts should therefore serve as concise but comprehensive direction for the entire duration of any call and provide the protocol for necessities like…

  • Introducing oneself and establishing a friendly, ready-to-help tone
  • Responding to a wide range of anticipatable issues and client needs
  • Being prepared to handle customer agitation
  • Integrating additional service offerings
  • Closing conversations and assessing client satisfaction 
  1. Starting Off Strong

A rocky start can be tough to recover from in any customer service interaction—not to mention a sales pitch. Conversely, a smooth start can create the momentum that keeps a call going smoothly. Your scripts should illustrate how best to start the conversation, leaving nothing on this front to chance—or an agent’s knack for improvisation. It’s always wise to cover such ground as…

  • Greeting the client and introducing oneself
  • Best practices of address throughout a call
  • Which words or phrases to avoid (-for example, those like “Maybe” or “I don’t know” that can undercut customer confidence)
  1. Finding the Right Tone

No one enjoys being consciously aware of being read to from a fixed script. It comes across as perfunctory and impersonal, risking the customer’s immediate alienation and unreceptive. Nonetheless, as a means of bolstering efficiency and maintaining informational consistency, these scripts do serve a vital function at your inbound call center. Thus, to avoid the negative outcomes mentioned above, each call center script should be written to sound as unscripted as possible. As for ways to accomplish this feat…  

  • Keep it simple; avoid jargon and unnecessarily flowery language
  • When possible, allow the agent some flexibility to personalize their delivery
  • Maintain a tonal balance—friendly but not patronizing, professional but not stiff/stilted, etc.

Customer Service Is Person Service

The more natural and organic a script reads, the more it will seem to your client like having a normal conversation; remember, the best customer service is grounded in subtly making sure this “customer” feels recognized as a person. Your inbound call center stands to make great gains to that end simply by incorporating these guidelines into your script-drafting process.

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