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Tips for Personalizing Your Customer Service

Tips for Personalizing Your Customer Service telerep

These days, every company is trying to do all it can to attract and retain customers.

These days, every company is trying to do all it can to attract and retain customers. A huge part of the process is creating an environment where the customer feels seen and appreciated and receives great customer service. One place where this is especially important is in your call center. People already don’t like having to call into a call center and wait on hold or go through a huge menu tree, so it is important to make the experience a good one. Personalization is one way to make that happen. Personalizing the experience for your customer builds trust between you, makes returns less likely, improves loyalty, and increases your competitive advantage (and your revenue). In surveys, most people are willing to share personal data to have a personalized experience and are more likely to engage with and buy from brands that offer it. Read on for several great ways to personalize your customer experience and improve those outcomes for your call center services this season. 

Use Multiple Contact Channels

Not everyone has the time or inclination to talk to someone on the phone to deal with an issue. Phone anxiety is real, and some people have to deal with things while out and about in the world (especially in this season of constant activity) and would like not to be overheard doing it. Offer chat lines and messaging options to your customers and you will vastly improve the experience for those who can’t or won’t talk on the phone. 

Use Their Name

Using the customer’s name during their experience with your call center makes more of a connection and makes them feel heard. However, if they correct your pronunciation, make sure that you get the name correct from that point forward or you will have the opposite effect. 

Recognize Loyalty

Nothing stings more for a customer than the only-for-new-customers promotion – what are you doing for your repeat buyers? Start by recognizing them when they reach out to you. Thank them for their months or years of loyalty, show that you are aware of the products or services they’ve gotten in the past, and when possible, reward that loyalty. 

Understand And Use Collected Data

Collecting data is the cornerstone of creating personalized relationships – you can’t show that you know what they’ve purchased in the past if you haven’t kept track of it. Go one step further and analyze that data and use it to make recommendations or to create customized offers. Understanding their company history can even help you handle angry callers.

Give Choices

When a customer reaches out to you with a question or a problem, it is great to be able to provide choices for a solution. This could be as simple as “would you like a refund or a replacement?” It could also be more complex, like “we’d like to offer you a coupon for your next purchase as well, would you like that texted as an online code or emailed as an in-store coupon?” Either way, having options makes it feel like what they want matters to you, and that will personalize the experience for them.

Ask For Feedback

ask people how you can do better, and they are more likely to give you another chance. This could be as a survey after the phone call or as a follow up at a later time. 

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