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What is the best strategy for handling consumer complaints?

Have you been receiving more and more consumer complaints? It’s time to improve your customer care with TeleRep’s nationwide call center  customer service support.
Just this summer the Consumer Federation of America released a report on the top 10 complaints from consumers.

The survey was given to 40 American states and 20 consumer protection agencies.

To be brief about the findings of the report, we have highlighted the 8 most common consumer complaints:

1. Household good complaints r

elated to false advertisement and difficulty having proper repairs completed.

2. Online retailers using deceptive tactics to make a sale.  Consumers also complained about failed delivers related to online products. For example, free trails resulted in overly expensive charges.
3. Subpar service work.

4. Complaints about Landlords for poor quality housing.

5. Utility billing disputes.

6. Credit card billing disputes

7. Auto repair complaints.
8. Home construction complains or any type of home servicing.

If your business falls into any of these complaint categories, our TeleReps are here to properly handle your inbound calls as well as provide your business a more effective marketing strategy.

How do TeleReps handle customer complaints?

TeleReps handle customer complaints by providing utmost customer care.

Yes, this includes handling customer care complaints 24/7 as well as taking questions and processing transactions.

Our TeleReps are capable of handling customer complaints because they are trained to talk to frustrated, angry consumers in a friendly, alert way. Every incoming is guaranteed to be handle professionally.

Our TeleReps are all ears to listen to consumers. They understand how valuable listening is to resolving problems.

The most common term consumers use in complaint calls is the word feedback. They rarely acknowledge that they are making the call to file a complaint.

When our TeleReps hear certain terms, they are trained in identifying what type of inbound call they are addressing.

By quickly identifying the type of inbound call, TeleReps are more likely to impress consumers by quickly finding solutions.

No matter what the problem may be, it’s important that all our TeleRep call center live operators thank your clients for calling.

Complaints are not about customers giving up. It’s about them giving your company a second chance to make things right.

Consumers don’t have to call. They could already take their needs and wants to your competitors. Take their complaints as invaluable feedback needed to help your business grow.

The willingness to complain is a demonstration that your consumers have blind faith that you can find a way to once again satisfy their needs and wants.
TeleReps will manage your customer expectations appropriately. The goal is to make expectations match up to solutions.

TeleReps know how to ask customers how they want the situation to be handled. This helps our call agents identify how your business can meet customer expectations to resolve complaints.

Forget about preparing your staff to handle complaints. Leave up to the TeleRep professional live operators. TeleReps are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our full customization call center packages, you can rest assure your company and customers are in good hands.

Have a look at call center services from TeleRep to see how we can improve your customer service support and overall telemarketing.

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