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What’s The Difference Between An Answering Service And A Call Center?

Answering services and call centers both contain operators, phones, and computers, but they have some key differences.

A lot of times, we use the terms answering service and call center interchangeably. They do essentially appear to be the same. When you look at both of them, they are similarly filled with operators, phones, and computers. While both services require that you answer the phones and interact with customers on the other line, there are some key differences. Here are the differences between an answering service and a call center.

Answering Service

An answering service is designed to take a large number of calls every day. Many of these services offer 24/7 services, which is good for business because people can still get in contact with them after hours. Answering service agents are trained to take 1-3 calls at one time. This is because with this type of service, phone calls are typically pretty short in comparison to call centers. The agents collect information about the caller and then simply relay the message or transfer them to the department that they need. Answering services commonly play the role of a virtual receptionist, so calls only last about two minutes on average. Their services have a wide range when it comes to the type of businesses they adhere to. Answering services tend to be smaller in size so it is more likely that you will reach the same operator when contacting a business more than once, making them a little more personable.

Call Center

One of the biggest differences between a call center and an answering service is the average length of the conversation. With an answering service, operators are only collecting information that they need to send the person to the right place. With a call center, the operator is actually dealing with the problem that the person has. Therefore, conversations can last an average of 5-15 minutes, but it Is common for them to run even longer. Call center operators are trained to act as customer service representatives. They can do anything from handle customer complaints to addressing tech support issues. They can even take and process orders for people or sign them up for various subscriptions. Since they have to deal with more complex calls, call centers are typically a lot larger than answering services because they need more people to handle the incoming calls.

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