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How To Write A Valuable Survey

How To Write A Valuable Survey

The clarity and direction in which you phrase the survey can determine the overall success of your results.

A survey is a method that all businesses should look to frequently employ. Through surveys, you’ll be able to get the quickest response to some of your most important questions, no matter who you’re targeting. There are different types of surveys, and each serves a unique purpose in gathering specific information. Whether it’s a phone, email or marketing survey, everything goes back to how you ask your questions. The clarity and direction in which you phrase the survey can determine the overall success of your results.

Keep It Simple

When crafting your survey, the biggest thing to remember is simplicity. Respondents will not be interested in questioning that is overtly long. The language you use plays a role in the answers you get. For example, if “Question 7” has multiple questions within it, that may easily confuse the survey taker. It’s always better to be direct with your questioning, rather than trying to gather as much information at once. This is where clarity comes in, because the last thing you want to do is cause confusion.

Bias: Stay Away From It

When taking a survey, you want honest and accurate answers. It’s fairly obvious, but bias is something that hinders the results of a survey. For example, let’s say the survey is on film. If you ask “So and so is a terrible director, isn’t he?” It’s like you’re persuading the respondent to answer with “Yes, yes he is.” The same goes for a question that uses the word “should,” or adjectives that say too much. They’re all forms of agreement, and agreement questioning is not what you want. Instead, keep it straightforward.

The Answer Choices

A common mistake of survey makers is not providing all the possible answers that could realistically be true. You need to make sure every question has an answer that thoroughly covers all areas. It’s important to think of every angle, that way it makes it easier on your respondents. At the same time, you can’t forget to change up the style in which you provide answers. Whether it’s multiple choice, a Likert scale or any type of ranking question, it’s smart to mix things up.

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