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3 Reasons to Choose a Live Representative Over Automated Customer Service

Running a business means that you have a lot on your plate, and you may or may not have considered how to handle your customer service. In this case, most businesses tend to default to an automated answering system, which involves phone trees and robocalls. If you feel like there is a better option for your business, then you should consider investing in a call center with live answering services to handle your customer service. But if you are unsure of whether it will be worth the investment, consider these three reasons why a live representative far surpasses an automated customer service.

Human Empathy

Although automated answering is significantly less expensive, you really do get what you pay for. A robot is programmed to simply fulfill a task, and it has severe emotional limitations. That means that they can’t read a customer to understand how they are really feeling. A live representative goes a long way in helping a customer calm down when they are angry and in empathizing with their situation and expressing true concern. A robot can say that it is “sorry” about a problem, but your customer will know that there is no real empathy behind the words.

Active Problem-Solving

Often, customers feel that having to deal with an automated call when they need service is a waste of time. They can type their information numerically into the phone or speak to the robot, but it almost always turns into a hassle. In most cases, an automated service will eventually have to refer the caller to a representative anyway if it can’t solve the problem on its own. Having a live representative means that you will employ a human that can understand the nuances of an issue much faster. Sometimes a customer is talking about one type of product when they really mean another, for example, and that’s something an automated service can’t understand.

Eliminate Frustration

Lastly, the most common sentiment about automated phone services is that they can breed exasperation. Because of this strong association, many customers find it an immediate turnoff when they call a business and are answered by a robotic voice. You can immediately improve the credibility and image of your business by implementing the services of a call center with live representatives. Customers will feel appreciated and heard when they speak with a human instead of having to repeat themselves to a pre-recorded prompt.

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