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3 Reasons Your DC Business Could Benefit from an Answering Service

Telerep live answering service for home health care servicesWhen it comes to managing calls, many businesses are comfortable with the traditional automated service. However, have you considered how your business in Washington, DC could benefit from live answering services? Here are some of the many benefits of a DC answering service for your business.

Set Appointments

Traditional automated answering services tend to create opportunities for miscommunication between your employees, management, and customers. In particular, this commonly occurs with appointment scheduling. A live DC answering service can take your customer’s messages, as well as set and confirm appointments. Live answering services help your customers get a timely response, which prevents unnecessary delays when scheduling a meeting. And you can give a copy of your business calendar to the live answering service to make it simple for them to arrange appointments for you.

Take Calls After Hours

Usually, when people call after your business closes for the day, they will have to wait through a voicemail before they can leave a message. At that point, many people might hang up and, if they don’t have time during your business hours to call again, they might go to someone else. But, with a live DC answering service, you could have someone take calls outside of your company’s office hours so you won’t have to worry about missing a valuable customer connection.

Trained Representatives

Although there is nothing wrong with having someone within your company take calls, there is usually a significant amount of training involved before they can understand what your business needs. Also, losing that trained employee means you will need to start the process over again. Working with a professional phone service eliminates these concerns. These and many more reasons are why a DC answering service is a great investment for your business.

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