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3 Things You Should Never Say On A Customer Service Call

A customer service call is not always easy when dealing with difficult customers, but remember to always be calm and respectful.

Working in customer service is surely not an easy task. You are going to come across all different types of people throughout your work day and unfortunately, not all of them are the most pleasant. However, it is part of your job to always keep your composure and give the best service possible to all customers. Here are three things you should never say on a customer service call.

“You Are Wrong”

This is probably one of the worsts statements you could make to a customer. Even if the customer happens to be completely wrong, never tell them that using those words. You should always keep your language respectful, even when correcting someone. The best way to respond in this situation would be to encourage the customer to explain the issue or what they have been doing and respectfully correct what they have been doing wrong.

“I Can’t Help You With That”

There is only so much one person can do and customer service call representatives do not always have the answers. In fact, it may be an issue that the company can’t deal with entirely. This does not mean that you should flat out tell a customer that you can’t help them. You should always offer some type of assistance, even if it is just listening to the concerns they have. If it is something you do not know the answer to, simply forward the call to someone in the company who may be able to help.

“Listen To Me”

When you’re taking a customer service call, there are bound to be a few customers that are just plain angry. It is difficult to get a very angry customer to stop and listen to what you are saying, but never cut them off or start your phrase with “Listen to me.” This can come off as disrespectful and impatient which will only anger the customer more. When a customer is angrily ranting, you want to simply listen to what they have to say and allow them to get all of their thoughts out. Then, you should provide a solution in a calm and respectful manner, despite what their tone may  have been.

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