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Addressing Disgruntled Callers

Here are some tips to help you make the best of a call with an upset customer.

When you are taking a lot of customer calls, chances are that every experience won’t be as pleasant. In cases when you come across a disgruntled or angry customer on the phone, it can be much more difficult to know how to handle the situation. Here are some tips to help you make the best of a call with an upset customer.

Don’t Get Emotionally Involved

The primary thing you need to do when you experience a disgruntled caller is to advise yourself that it isn’t a personal attack. Even though it may feel like the customer has something against you, the truth is that they’re just using you to take out their frustration. If you can emotionally separate yourself from the situation, it will be much easier to focus on how you can help the customer without getting caught up in their feelings.

Stay Civil and Courteous

It is significant that you never engage back with a client since you are putting your position in danger. If a client seems determined to be rude to you all through the whole discussion, respond to them with graciousness as opposed to being impolite back. Give conscious, thoughtful, and genuine reactions to their concerns. If you can resist the urge to panic, your client may begin to ease up. Above all, remember to be patient and try to remain in charge and guide the discussion as consciously as could be expected under the circumstances.


After you have tuned in to the client’s concern, you need to offer as earnest of an expression of remorse as you can. This can be troublesome when a client hollered at you for a whole telephone discussion, however, it’s vital. Being apologetic and telling them that you need to assist them with fixing the issue tells them that you understand.

Take a Break

When you have tackled the issue for the customer and finished the discussion, make a point to take a couple of seconds to calm down after the call. It will be hard to permit somebody to take rudely or in an angry tone and not have the option to fight back, so letting yourself relax up is a smart choice. Go for a stroll outside or around the workplace, get a coffee, or vent to another associate. You should be in a new headspace to keep accepting calls, whether or not you have to deal with another disgruntled customer.

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