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The Benefits of Live Operators in Customer Service

Outstanding customer service should be the backbone of your business strategy. Beyond the quality of the product or service you provide, there are few things that can do more to help your business thrive. As one of the nation’s leading answering services since 1976, we firmly believe that live operators can provide the highest standard of customer service imaginable. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Live Operators in Customer Service

Live operators can provide the highest standard of customer service imaginable. Here’s why.


No matter how good their customer service is, few people want to be on the phone with a call center agent for longer than they have to. Live operators can get to the root of the reason a customer is calling in faster than any machine.

Remember that individuals who call into your call center often eat into their valuable free time to do so. Our skilled agents know how to work as efficiently as possible to ensure the people on the other end of the line can get back to their day. They know only to put customers on hold as a last resort.


This benefit of live operators in customer service is more difficult to quantify, but just as important. People take comfort in knowing that there is an actual human on the other end of the line. It can be frustrating when you know that your statements fall on deaf ears, or when you press a wrong button and have to restart the call from square one.

When using live operators, callers can rest assured that there is a real personality on the other end of the line. Their personalities will color the call, making it more memorable and giving callers a favorable impression of your business.


We can sum up a fundamental part of providing great customer service in a call center with this one word: empathy. Often, when someone calls into a call center, what they want as much as a solution to their problems is to know that they are understood. An automated machine may be able to get to the solution, but they will never truly be able to empathize.

Escalations in a call center are unfortunate, but they’re also inevitable. Our agents are adept at handling them with the highest standard of empathy.

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